Summertime to us means beaches and BBQ’s! Now that we are finally seeing warmer temperatures and sunshine it is the perfect time to share with you our thoughts on some great summer wines. There are so many wonderful options out there, but we felt these two wines are the BEST for our long summer days to come.

The beach… what couldn’t be more perfect then a crisp, dry wine from Alsace France. Nothing screams a hot summer day wine then the crisp and clean wines from this region. We have been loving the Kuentz-Bas Alsace on these warm days. A blend comprised of Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Reisling and Gewurztraminer this wine is the perfect accompaniment for those beach (or pool days for that matter). Incredibly aromatic with lime and lemon zest; peach, pear and tangerine. After your first sip you will yearn for more because of the perfect balance and acidity on the palate. The hint of cantaloupe and nectarine along with some green apples will make your mouth water for the next sip. We have absolutely loved this wine with cheeseboards. That isn’t the only reason however, read below to hear more about the wine making style that makes us extremely happy.

Kuentz – Bas Winery is located high in the Alsatian mountains in the quaint little town Husseren-les-Chateaux and have been making wine for over 200 years. Their ten-hectare vineyard is all certified biodynamic which of 6-hectares are also organic. In 2004 the family sold the vineyard to Jean-Baptiste Adam – a 14th generation vigneron from the region. He continued the Kuentz – Bas winemaking tradition but also lowered the yields significantly and reverted back to the traditional methods of winemaking following the biodynamic and organic approach to winemaking.

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BBQ time! It doesn’t matter what you are grilling up we have one wine for you that will compliment everything you do. The Robert Biale Vineyards Black Chicken Zinfandel out of Napa Valley will dance so harmoniously with your grilling meats you will thank us for the rest of the year. Its rich and plush fruit, delicate acidity and ripened tannins are the perfect complement to those char markings! One sniff in the glass and you are surrounded with raspberry, blueberry and black cherries and then comes the spice. You flip your burger and take a sip and immediately the deep richness of this wine makes you lick your chops for more.

You know us a little bit by now and know that we love the stories behind the wines and this one has one of the best historical stories behind it! The Biale family has owned a ranching property in the heart of Napa since the late 1800’s. When prohibition devastated the Napa grape growing community Pietro Biale had the idea to plant Zinfandel vines in the heart of the Oak Knoll District. Pietro knew that he couldn’t make ends meet for his family farm so took a side job at the local rock quarry. Tragedy struck in 1942 when Pietro was killed in a tragic accident at the quarry Aldo, his youngest son, stepped up to help his mother with the farm. He knew he had to sell his fathers wine and had watched and learned how to make it over the years. He sold his jugs of Zinfandel to his neighbors and friends on the down low in order to not get caught by the authorities. He created a code name for those who would call on the “party-line” so they would not be heard by the anyone listening. People would call in their eggs and produce but also want the jug of Zin. Aldo came up with the code word “Gallina Nera or Black Chicken” to signal that they wanted the Zinfandel. Soon people would be calling for ” 2 dozen eggs, some zucchini, bag of walnuts and a Gallo Nero (Black Chicken)”. Aldo would personally deliver all the orders for Gallo Nero throughout the valley.

So again you know we are suckers for a good story. We are excited to hear yours!

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